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Micro Monitor With Acrylic Glitter FinishFlex Canal Monitor With White Silicone Finish

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Acrylic Colours

(Micro Monitors, Acrylic Personal Moulds & Solid Noise Plugs)

Acrylic Beige

Acrylic Tan

Acrylic Pink

Acrylic Brown

Acrylic Light Brown

Acrylic Pink Fleck

Acrylic Pink Fibered

Acrylic White

Acrylic Black

Acrylic Black Transparent

Acrylic Red

Acrylic Red Transparent

Acrylic Blue

Acrylic Blue Transparent

Acrylic Purple Transparent

Acrylic Yellow Transparent

Acrylic Green Transparent

Acrylic Transparent

Acrylic Transparent Glitter



Silicone Colours

(Flex Monitors & Silicone Personal Moulds)

Silicone Red

Silicone Orange

Silicone Blue

Silicone Azure Blue

Silicone Green

Silicone Beige

Silicone Pink

Silicone Yellow

Silicone White

Silicone Black

Clear Transparent Silicone

Pink Transparent Silicone





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