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March 2016

Reducing the stigma of wearing earplugs

Plug’em aims to encourage wearing earplugs at gigs, festivals, clubs – or basically anwhere you’re exposed to potentially dangerous noise levels.

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Puretone Supplies IEM Earpieces to Joe Fawcett
January 2015

Joe Fawcett; Vocals/Guitar for the band Absolution

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Quote from Joe:

"Puretone Micro Monitors are the only in ear monitors I could ever want to use. Hearing protection along with perfect clarity of sound gives me exactly what I need every time!"

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Puretone Supplies In-Ear Monitors For The Voice Winner
June 2013
Congratulations to Andrea Begley for winning this year's The Voice final. We hope your Puretone Micro Monitors Classic 2's helped!



Another first for Puretone as Les Misérables breaks new ground in sound recording techniques
Jan 2013
On UK general release since 11th January, the feature film version of Les Misérables is attracting rave reviews all over the world, but many audiences may not be aware of the groundbreaking approach taken to record the vocal performances of the actors. Normally actors would sing to pre-recorded backing tracks, however, Director Tom Hooper felt that this would inhibit the artistic input of the actors and production crew, so a new approach was devised. It was decided that in order to achieve maximum flexibility the actors would perform to the musical score being played live by a pianist out of camera shot, with the final orchestral soundtrack being scored and overdubbed later.

Hugh Jackman & Deke Frickey (Puretone Sales Manager)
New approaches need cutting edge technology and Puretone were tasked with supplying all principal actors with custom-made ultra-miniature wireless earpieces in order to hear the live piano track without it being picked up by the sensitive vocal microphones. Following impressions being taken Deke Frickey, Sales Manager at Puretone, visited Pinewood Studios in order to carry out skin tone colour matching for a number of principal players, including Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman. This colour matching process was carried out in order to further ‘hide’ the devices into the players’ ears.

“Having supplied the earpieces for the filming of Mamma Mia and Evita a number of years ago it was a pleasure to again be involved in such an iconic, and in this case groundbreaking, production” said Deke, adding “I understand that Les Mis has been nominated for a number of Oscars, including one for sound mixing, so we are very pleased about that and wish the cast and crew well at the award ceremony”.

Custom Device Voucher Cards!
Dec 2012
Puretone Music Voucher Cards are now available to order on our shop.
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Puretone Music Supply Custom-Made Micro Monitor Classic 3s To STEPS!
March 2012

Puretone Music supply each member of STEPS with their own Micro Monitor Classic 3s, ahead of their upcoming arena tour, which starts on April the 2nd.
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Quote from H:
"We couldn't have done our sell out Arena tour without them! Thank you!"

Quote from Lee:
"Puretone Music In-Ear Monitors helped me to fully focus on the musical dynamics of our Ultimate tour, providing clear quality of sound and in-ear comfort every night."

Visit STEPS official website: www.stepsofficial.co.uk



The Mini Band Page Steps

The Mini Band Page Philip Campbell - Motorhead

The Mini Band Page


Steven Cooper DJ Steven Cooper

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Give Your Performance The Edge


Puretone take hearing very seriously. Since 1976 we have been manufacturing custom-made earpieces and other hearing products that enhance and protect your hearing.

Our skilled team of professionals are experts at creating a custom-made earpiece that is right for you, whether you are a serious musician, club DJ, gig goer or dedicated music listener.

Whatever your music or noise protection needs, Puretone can manufacture and supply the right product for you.







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