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Harrison's Interview/Bio

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Puretone decided to interview The Mini Band members, here is Harrison's interview:

Name: Harrison Read
Age: 8
Instrument: Lead Vocals

Favourite Band/Musician?
Metallica and Jon Bon Jovi.

Best Moment In The Mini Band So Far?
Getting the message from Metallica, meeting Dream Theater and going on Channel 5 Live!

How Are You Finding Your New Custom Elacin Hearing Protection?
I am still waiting to get mine (because I needed my ears checked) but I'm using the generic ones which are great!

Who Would You Like To Play A Gig With?
Metallica, Guns n Roses or Jon Bon Jovi.

Elacin ER's Filtered Noise Plugs
Elacin ER noise plugs feature an individually calibrated filter (9, 15 or 25dB), designed to attenuate all frequencies at the same level. Unlike solid noise plugs which attenuate all frequencies differently, these filtered ear plugs give a flat attenuation across the frequency range. This means Elacin ER noise plugs let you hear sounds accurately, but at a safe and comfortable level for your environment.

Elacin ER noise plugs are ideal for musicians who want to be protected from loud music exposure, but still hear the true sound and frequency range of the music and their instrument. Elacin ER noise plugs are custom-made, and fit deep into the ear canal to give the best comfort and attenuation. Available in clear finish only.
Elacin Musicians' ER Earplugs




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