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Presenters' Moulds

Silicone Earmoulds For TV Presenters

Here at Puretone we supply and manufacture a range of custom and standard earpieces designed for presenters. They utilse a tube to deliver sound from an audio receiver directly into the ear, and can features options that allow the sound level to be controlled by the user.

Presenters earmoulds allow the user to have sound inputted into their ear comfortably and discreetly. Puretone have supplied earmoulds for many famous presenters, including many for Sky News and BBC TV. Our range of earmoulds includes generic fit and custom-made devices.

Presenters Moulds are available in 3 models:

Custom Presenters Earmould


Custom Presenters Earmould - Custom-made to ensure maximum comfort and an exact fit, this earmould is available with straight or coiled tubing and a shirt collar clip.

Generic Presenters Mould With Tube


Standard Presenters Earmould With Tube - These generic earmoulds are economically priced and available in three different sizes for both left and right ears. Supplied with straight tubing.

Generic Presenters Mould With Attenuator


Standard Presenters Earmould With Attenuator - This design of earmould allows the user to control the amount of sound passed through the generic earmould, just like a volume control. Coiled tubing also allows the wearer greater movement.


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